SWE notes 01: Types as weather


This post if from a series of quick notes written primarily for personal usage while reading random ML/SWE/CS papers. As such they might be incomprehensible and/or flat out wrong.

Types are like the Weather, Type Systems are like Weathermen - Matthias Felleisen

  • Types are language of prediction by the programmer what the program will do
  • Type systems check these prediction
  • Code is written for others to understand but also to be run on computers
  • All developers think types while their create code (more or less precise, but still)
    • Capturing these thoughts in comments is problematic -> not checked -> become wrong
    • Types are checked automatically
  • Only type inference added to untyped language fundamentally doesn’t work
    • If things go wrong -> super-hard to have reasonable error messages
  • Instead add gradual typing system
    • Allow adding types incrementally throughout codebase
    • Idiomatic: just adding types, not changing code
    • Strive for reasonable error messages
  • What should happen when part is types and there’s error in untyped land
    • In typed racket: It tells user what happened on the typed/untyped boundary (through value proxies)
    • Can also provide profiling info w.r.t to specific values
  • Contracts are good but they are very much not free during runtime
    • Problem with higher order objects (lazy streams, first class functions, …) -> need to allocate
    • Good for more complex checking hard to encode in types
  • Idea: JITs could exploit dependent types (just like compilers exploit static types)
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